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No More Toilet Paper Needed. Only $329

We have sold out of current inventory. As people scramble to stock up on toilet paper, remember PottySpa requires no paper for your bathroom needs. 

We are not looking to exploit the current situation as many businesses are. We are now selling the PottySpa seat at the lowest possible price to help with the current situation and peoples needs. 

Unfortunately, It will take about 8 weeks for new pieces to ship because of demand. This product will change your life and last a long time. 

PottySpa Eva-lution - Pre order!

$329.00 $549.00
The PottySpa Eva-lution is a brand new electric bidet toilet seat designed to evolve the bathroom experience.  You will enjoy warmth, comfort, and cleanliness.  Our seats bring independence and confidence to those with disabilities.  PottySpa is the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and awesomeness for anyone and everyone.   *Sizing: This seat will fit...

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