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Electric Toilet Seat Bidets Improving Lives and keeping us Clean!


In Asia,  Electric Toilet Bidets are a commodity used in most homes, businesses, and public places. Spend just a few hours in Japan, you will find airports, restaurants, and hotels all have these seats in their restrooms.  If you get a chance to stay with a Japanese family or maybe Airbnb in a Japanese home, most likely you will find an electric toilet seat. It is simply common use item in Asia just as a Dishwashing machine or a microwave oven is in the U.S.

Japanese are a very clean culture who care very much about hygiene and minimal waste.  Walk the streets of Tokyo and you will be blown away by the cleanliness of the city.  Tokyo, the biggest city in the world,  has also been ranked as the cleanest city in the world. Wow!!

That being said, quite simply, Japanese know a thing or two about cleanliness.

As for health,  Japanese also have the longest lifespans of any other country in the world. 

Cleanliness and health do come hand in hand and contribute and correlate with one another.

Next time you grab toilet paper and begin to wipe Feces / poop / shit, with your hand , think about how clean (dirty) that process is.

  You can’t even see what you are cleaning and then wiping it with a dry piece of paper and hoping you got everything. Yikes!

PottySpa changes all of that.  Bringing the Japanese toilet seat to America and made for all Americans.  PottySpa is setting out to keep us all clean and reduce the amount of paper used by the millions each year.

Wiping can be especially difficult for the Elderly and Disabled or post surgery individuals.  PottySpa makes going to the bathroom easy!


No more wiping your loved ones butts.

It not only makes you feel uncomfortable but it absolutely makes your loved one feel uncomfortable.  PottySpa will be an incredible addition to any bathroom and so easy to use.  It include a remote for those who cannot reach the control panel and even will blow dry you bum once after cleaning.  No more wiping!


These Electric Bidets from PottySpa can be added to any toilet. Simply remove your current seat and install PottySpa. And your life will be forever changed!


They may not have caught here in America yet , but rest assured they will. Be the trend setter and spread the word.  Help us moves out of the Dark ages of toilets.

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