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Everybody Poops...Yes, even YOU!

We are willing to bet that you are a pooper.  We don’t mean a party pooper as we are sure you’re just a pleasure to be around...most of the time at least.

We just simply mean that you pretty consistently go number two in the bathroom on a daily basis. Can we be in agreement about that simple fact? 

Everybody does it, so why make it so awkward to talk about? People have always done it and doubt much has changed in that regard.  

You know what else hasn’t changed? How you poop.  

You sit on a cold open hole and then attempt to wipe yourself with thin piece of a tree (paper or back in the day, leaves).  Sometimes it’s rough paper, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s messy.  Many people need other to help wipe for them.

We can’t help but think this is not very sanitary or smart. Can you imagine trying to clean your dirty hands, dishes or wash your car with just a leaf or dry piece of paper? Sounds ridiculous right.  Well, that how we feel about trying to clean yourself after a solid Number 2.

It is time to make a leap forward and evolve.  

That is why we developed PottySpa