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Get Reimbursed for a New Outlet

We understand that buying a PottySpa is a significant investment and we want to help any way we can to help you get set up so you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits. That is why we created the this program. 

We will send you $50!

If you need to have an outlet installed close to your toilet in order to plug in your PottySpa, we will help cover some of those costs by sending you $50!!!!

Here is how it works:

1.) Order a PottySpa Toilet Seat

2.) Hire electrician to install an outlet for you

3.) Email us at with subject as "your order number (ex. 1234) , name, and outlet reimbursement"

3.) Send pictures of your newly installed PottySpa seat, your new outlet, and the invoice from the electrician for the install of new outlet.  *invoice must include your name and address, electrician name, contact info and address, date of install, and cost of install. 

4.) We will Review your reimbursement application and refund you either by check or back to the card of purchase.  

 5.) You must send in your request within 30 days of when product was received.  We cannot accept any refund requests after 30 days. 

*All items above must be done in order to receive $50