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PottySpa Eva-lution - Pre order!

$399.00 $549.00

The PottySpa Eva-lution is a brand new electric bidet toilet seat designed to evolve the bathroom experience.  You will enjoy warmth, comfort, and cleanliness.  Our seats bring independence and confidence to those with disabilities.  PottySpa is the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and awesomeness for anyone and everyone. 

 *Sizing: This seat will fit to 99% of American toilets.  It has elongated design but will also fit to a round toilet seat. 


    • Features:

      • Feminine Hydro Clean 
      • Rear Hydro Clean 
      • Oscillating cleaning
      • Instant heating warm water
      • Warm air drying
      • Automatic open and close seat cover
      • Toilet seat heating
      • Antibacterial toilet seat
      • Intelligent deodorization
      • Flow of water adjustable
      • Temperature adjustable
      • Sensor toilet seat
      • Automatic energy saving
      • Self-cleaning nozzle 
      • Nozzle position adjustable
      • LED display night light
      • Wireless Remote Control
    • Hygiene: No more Toilet Paper! No more skid marks! Paper just spreads bacteria and does not wash it away. PottySpa will wash away bacteria leaving you clean and feeling fresh.

      Eco Friendly: 9 milion tree cut down every year for toilet paper. You can reduce your usage from 75%-100% and save the world or at least the trees.

      Disabled and Post surgery benefits: Take back your privacy, your independence and your confidence. No wiping necessary. Clean yourself. No help needed.

      Health Benefits Other Than Being Clean: Great for those who suffer from Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea, Dysentery, and Constipation. Perfect for women during pregnancy and postpartum along with those who suffer from Urinary tract infections and vaginal discharge.

    • Installation​ ​Instructions:

      PottySpa seats are designed for DIY (do it yourself) installation. It is a very simple process that nearly all our customers prefer to do on their own. NO Plumbing is required and it should only take about 20 minutes. An outlet is required, so please make sure you have one close by. If not, one can easily be installed for about $100.

      Step 1: Removing​ ​Current​ ​Seat

      Remove current toilet seat. Put down the seat and lid and look for two caps on the back of the seat. Remove the caps and you will see bolts underneath them. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the bolts and the seat will easily be taken off. At this point you will have a toilet without a seat and two holes in the back of it.

      Step 2: Attaching​ ​new​ ​PottySpa​ ​Seat

      Push rubber casings through the holes on the toilet. They can be tough to push through and may need to wet them a bit to slide in easier (tight fit to ensure sturdiness of seat).

      Place mounting plate over the holes on back of toilet and tighten screws until mounting plate is clamped in tight.

      Just take new PottySpa seat and slide right until mounting plate until it clicks and locks into place. Can easily take off if want to clean later with uninstall button near water hose.

      Step 3: Hook​ ​up​ ​water​ ​supply

      First need to shut off water supply by turning the water supply nozzle on pipe behind toilet and then flush the toilet to clear out the water currently in the tank.

      Now we take the T-valve which will split the water in two directions. One way to the toilet tank and the other way to the PottySpa seat. Unscrew the current water hose and attached the t-valve to the toilet. Once attached, screw in both the original hose and the PottySpa hose tightly to avoid any leaks.

      Step 4: Plug​ ​in​ ​and​ ​Enjoy!!!!